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About Diablement bon

About Diablement bon !

Diablement bon is a local family business that offers refined and delicious local products such as homemade charcuteries, pastries, fine cheeses, smoked fish, breads and chocolates.

A place where you can go to get your favorite products, take the time to appreciate a meal and a fine coffee on site. You will enjoy our private terrace in the summertime as well as the comfort of our fireplace during wintertime.

Corporate philosophy

We are conscious of our social and environmental impact. That is why we favor trade and local suppliers. All our packaging and our bags are carefully selected to create a minimal footprint on our environment. In addition, a rainwater harvesting system is integrated into our business to reduce the waste of water!

Delights and passion for good food. This is what you will find at Diablement bon !

Our team


Lyne Woods, creative of delights

Pastry chef at Toqué! in Montreal for 10 years. Formed at the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec (ITHQ), I have a rich experience from catering services and gourmet restaurant pastries.

Throughout my career, quality and freshness were values I preoritized the most in my work. I care for the development and promotion of local food products and craftwork.

Diablement bon allows me to develop unique delicacies, based on freshness and quality, favoring the use of typical Farnham’s region ingredients. You will find here a multitude of local specialties under one roof and contribute to local economy. A passion to share!


Jean-François Poulin, product manager

Borned in Saint-Hubert, I live in Farnham since 2005. Epicurean and passionate, I value family life, mutual help, and well done work. I am an entrepreneur at heart. I have been working mostly in maintenance and real estate industry as an individual contractor for more than 17 years. I am marketing and distribution manager and will be pleased to be involved in customer service as well. The love of sharing good food and wonderful experiences combined with my passion for bringing people together will sure bring me to live a great adventure at Diablement bon !


Hugo Eustache, charcuteries craftman

Graduated of the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec (ITHQ), I’ve been working for eight years in restaurant industry. I discovered my passion for food by working a few years in the kitchen during my studies. I did an internship in Italy during which I’ve learned Italian culture, specialy learning how to produce the renowned Parma Ham. What really hooked me to the homemade charcuteries was my work at Atwater Market’s "Boucherie de Tours". Here I am today living my passion at Diablement bon ! with my cousin and my aunt!