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A wide range of unique products and fresh premium quality are offered daily.

Such as: fresh sausages, smoked products, traditional pastries and international favorites, cakes, pastries, buns, chocolatines, amandines, croissants, seasonal breads, lemon / chocolate / apple / sugar / grape / cherry / coconut / pecan pies, mariannes, vol-au-vents, pie dough, donuts, fruit / dates / apples / chocolate / carrot squares, Queen Elizabeth, brownies.


Heavenmade charcuteries

Our charcuteries are produced with premium quality meats of Quebec’s best producers. All meats used are free of hormones or antibiotics.

Dry sausages: maple apple, hazelnut and dark beer, cheddar and bacon, herbs, red wine, Toulouse, italian diablo and mild italian.

Sausages: pepper soppressata, absynthe, mushroom, coffee, merguez, pepperettes, filetto, coppa, lonza.

Smoked products: bacon, smoked backbone, smoked pork loin, ham with bone to cook, cooked ham, smoked meat, smoked veal heart, hot smoked duck magret, cold smoked duck magret, lamb shoulder.


Decadent pastries

Our pastries are prepared on site with simple, natural ingredients as in the days of our grandmothers!

Cakes and pies: carrot cake, pudding, cheese cake, pistachio opera, tiramisu, palais royal, develish chocolate cake, strawberry, orange and chocolate caprice, ivory and raspberries tower.

Viennese Pastries: butter croissants, almond croissants, apple strudels, chocolate bread, brioches, fruits Danish, cinnamon rolls, raisin rolls, muffins (banana, carrot, apple, peach).

Biscuits: aunt Alice almond biscuits, galettes, viennese biscuits, fine nuts biscuits.

Snack cakes: brownies, pound cake, lemon square, almond financier, madeleines, milles-feuilles, eclairs (chocolate, coffee, vanilla, fruits), macarons.


Devilish gourmet food

Spices, oils and vinegars can only meet the Diablement bon highest quality standards! Les miels à Mathieu from Diversibio farm, Farnham. A local product that we will offer! Long live the sugar!

Common values, concerns for quality and sublime jams. Les confitures nathy.D will be available here.



Breads & cheeses from paradise

Chosen for their quality and diversity, breads and cheeses are made from local bakeries and producers.

Products to come...

Divine chocolates

Located in Bedford Capeline & Chocolat is an artisanal chocolate shop that is offering classic products with a unique appealing look.

Doing fine up here on cloud nine! Each product is made with passion and employees always have an interest to please our loyal and growing clientele.

Products: truffles, ganache, caramel, truffled mouse, maple-chocolate, hazelnut praline, sea salt caramel, ready to use hot chocolate ball, caramel chocolate raspberry, chocolate mint, triple chocolate.


Delightful seasonal creations

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